Saturday, June 20, 2015

just spent quite a length of time transcribing 2 pieces of paper. not that I'm complaining, it is amazing to have these documents. with all the years that have elasped, the chance of fire, or water damage, or accidently getting purged when updating systems to electronic data....

I am guessing they were transcribed, since the handwriting is all the same. the writing is very small and light, probably been copied many times. not to mention that back then, you just spelled things however you wanted. no standardized spelling. hard to see with my 50 year old eyes. I almost changed history by saying Witten Maxwell was leaving Mary Maxwell a black MAN instead of a black MARE. quite a difference. that's the error I caught. there are probably more. my fingers still type, but not necessarily what I tell them to. I sometimes worry about my memory lapses and when I forget how to do simple things. guess typing is one of those simple things...hope I haven't totally reinvented our family history here....or that if I did, I made it even better!

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