Saturday, June 20, 2015

Throw (?) all men by these presents that I Walt (?) Floyd am held and firmly bound to Edward Proffit in the sum of six hundred dollars. The condition of the avoe obligation is this, That as I have this day sold him three hundred Acres of land

(a part of the ?
land, now if on the payment of the purchase money I make or cause to be made to him his heirs & a good legal tithe with general warrantee then this bond to be Naid (?) otherwise to remain in full force. The above land lies on the road Ridge and is contained in the following lines, on the north by a line running parallell with my south line to west N 67th
? the road by a chestnut having a Locust lying by it, and from Coal Creek to Mill Creek, the south line to be paralell with the north one and the survey to contain three hundred acres.
? this Decembeer 21st 1857 Wm R Floyd , T.H. Gillispie I afsign the within title bond to Richard Steele this 18th day of June 1859 Edward Proffit (X) his mark
This deed made this 29th day of Sept 1873 between Witten Maxwell of the one part and Mary J Maxwell of the other part all of the County of Tazewell and State opaid by labor; the said Witten Maxwell doth grant convey & relinquish unto the said Mary J Maxwell the following property to wit one black mare and one mule colt four head of cows, farming tools, household & kitchen furniture and fourteen head of sheep & one loom. Witnep the following signaturesw and seal. Witten Maxwell (SEAL) (His Mark)

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