Sunday, November 22, 2015

It is not so unusual for Myriann DeLane, 3, to sit on two laps at once for she has 13 grandparents-the girl was the center of attention yesterday at the home of Mrs. Clifford Hickman, a great aunt living at 1530 Haskell Ave, Kansas City, KS. She was at a reunion with her parents Mr. and Mrs. DeLair. both great grandmothers are 86. Mrs. Mattie Eubank, Clifton Hills, MO. and Mrs. Lury Toot, Mercer, MO.

The death of Mrs. Lury Toot, long time resident of Mercer Sunday, broke a two family five generation chain. L to R back O.G. Eubank, his daughter Mrs. DeLair, & Mrs. Eubank.
front A.R. Eubank, Myriann DeLair, Mrs. Lury Toot and her son Walter Toot, Mayriann is the first step of five generations on both sides. sitting on lap of both her great grandmas.

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