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James Maxwell married Jane Roberts

aunt minerva collection
James born 1745-50 Ulster, Ireland
died 27 March 1821 Virginia, Tazewell Co. buried there.
his son James Maxwell 1780-1866. married 25 April 1804 Tazewell Co, Virginia to Mary Witten.
my great grandfather was Witten Maxwell that married Alice Creswell. I think he was the son of James and Mary Witten Maxwell because of the corolations of their names. She probably gave the first son her maiden family name. In the RLDS Church Library Computer it gives the following: James Maxwell b. 1780 Tazewell Co, VA married 25 April 1804 to Mary Witten b. 1780 Tazewell County, died 1873 Tazewell Co. daughter of Jermiah & Sarah Witten.
their first son Witten Maxwell b. 1805 Tazewell Co d. 1894 Tazewell Co. married Alice Creswell.
Witten & Alice's son James C. Maxwell b. 1829 Tazewell Co VA d. 1925 Harrison Co MO married August 2 1868 in Harrison Co MO to Minerva Creswell b. 1839 VA. d. 1878 Harrison Co MO.
their son Thomas Maxwell married Gilly Mae Higdon.
James C. Maxwell & Minerva Creswell married in Harrison Co. MO. Thomas Maxwell & Gilly Hidgon married in Harrison county Missouri.
Then it goes
Great Great Great Grandpa James Maxwell-Jane Roberts
Great Great Grandpa James Maxwell-Mary Witten
Great Grandpa Witten Maxwell-Alice Creswell
Grandpa James C Maxwell-Minerva Creswell
Thomas Maxwell-Gilly Mae Higdon
Minerva Maxwell-Lawrence Dale Brown.
Think James Maxwell that married Jane Roberts had a son James that married Mary Witten-they had a son My great grandp Witten Maxwell (named for her family), who married Alice Creswell. Witten & Alice had a son Jaces C. Maxwell, my grandpa, who married Minerva Creswell. James & Minerva had a son, my dad, Thomas who married Gilly Mae Higdon. They had a daughter, me, Minerva Alice Maxwell that married Lawrence Dale Brown.

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