Saturday, November 7, 2015

Maxwell Familiy History

aunt minerva collection
this is the family history intro I typed up for Grandma when I first got married, on thet typewriter she loaned me.
James Maxwell, of Scotch Irish descent, came from Ulster, Ireland, to Pennsylvania, and settled there in the early part of the eighteenth century. He married a Jane Roberts in Pennsylvania, and moved to Augusta County, Virginia (now Rockbridge Co.). He had three sons: Thomas, James, and Robert.
Thomas and James settled on the Bluestone, and Robert on Plum Creek in Tazewell County about 1771 or 1772. Of the various valleys in Tazewell County not one is more interesting and important than the Bluestone Valley. In extent it is equal to Burke's Garden, as its area is 13 x 2 1/2 miles, or 20,000 acres. The first settlers in this very attractive section were Thomas and James Maxwell, Benjamin Joslin, James Ogleton, Jacob adn Isreal Harman, and Sammuel Ferguson. They settled there in 1771 or 1772; and all of them except Joslin and Ogleton, subsequently became conspicuous figures in the history in the history of Tazewll. Bluestone Valley lies along the north side of East River Mountain. Beginning at the divide which separates the waters of the Clinch from the waters of the Bluestone, it extends in an easterly direction to a point southeast of Graham. Through the entire length of the valley ran the old Cumberland Gap and Fincastle Turnpike. A splendid modern highway now occupies the location of the old turnpike; and it is, perhaps the most traveled road in the county.
aunt minerva has handwritten at the bottom of the sheet: "Tazewell of Virg. Filmed by Genealogical Society of Utah Sept. 24, 1953 Index to Wills 1800-1908"
while I was putting these documents in clear plastic page covers to protect them, I found this on the back that I'd missed.....
Microfilm Records-Tazwell Co. Virg.
Nov 28 04-Pers-Maxwell Chas J-others 9-319
Mar 27 1821 Real Maxwell Elizabeth 1-137
Mar. 27 1821 Pers. Maxwell James 137*
Mar. 28 1866 Both Maxwell James 421, 25
Nov 28 Oct. Pers. James W. 9-329?
Mar. 27 1821 dower Maxwell Jane 1-139 (137)
Mar. 6 1821 Real MAxwell Jane 137
Oct 3 Tax Pers. Maxwell Jane 137
Nov 2 65 gans. ment Maxwell Margaret 3 629
Oct 12 Will Maxwell 330
Jan 28 52 Invtry Maxwell 39
Aug 26 90 Will Maxwell William 6 166
Feb 23 91 Inmvtry Maxwell Wm. 245
Feb 16 92 Invty. Maxwell Wm 298
Ki;u 28 92 Exastment Maxwell Wm 351
Apr 13 93 exastment Wm MAxwell 425
Jan 28 98 Exastment Maxwell Wm 7 214
June 7 98 Exastment Maxwell Wm 323/325
Oct 30 61 Will Maxwell Wm 3 432

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