Friday, November 6, 2015

paperclipped together

from the aunt minerva collection.
Thomas Witten Maxwell-Gilly Mae Higdon
James C Maxwell-Minerva Creswell
Witten Maxwell-Alice Creswell
James Maxwell-Mary Witten
the above all written in red ink. below is written in pencil.
Feb. 13, 1995-1:55 p.m. Joseph Charles McAttmi (father). Chiles Tyler Charles McAttmi (child) Clyde's grandchild, Lexington, Mo.
James & Jane Roberts 35 years old when James was born.
James & Mary Witten 25 years old when Witten Maxwell was born
Witten & Alice was 24 years old when James C. Maxwell was born.
James & Minerva was 44 years old when Thomas Witten was born.
Thomas & Minerva
Witten Maxwell marriage Oct 3, 1878 age 73-widowed. married Sally Carter age 48 Single Tazwell Co, Va. his parents Jas. & Polly Maxwell

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