Friday, November 6, 2015

Stephen & Lake School Reunion Aug 6 1944

aunt Minerva collection
I wonder at the date on this....maybe more like 1984 or 1994? 'cause I know my grandparents would've only been in their 30s in the 1940s...)
Front Row Left To Right: Cecil Power. MarJorie Powers. H.R. (Tommy) Hobbs. Randall Cox. Marie Cox. Vernon Griffin. Juanita Packer. Edwin Packer.
Back Row Left To Right: Vi Hobbs, GRACE BROWN, Naomi Stretch. Russell Stretch. Harley Whitt. Fern (Gibson) Miller. Willard Miller. Norma Griffin. Dale Gibson. Margret Gibson. Mary Ratliff. Jary Ratliff.

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