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aunt minerva collection
Commission of the Revenue for the Year Ending December 186_
Bureau of Vital Statistics Microfilm Reel 29 Tazewell County Va. deaths.
Bureaus of Vital Statistics 1860 Microfilm Reel 29 Tazewell Co VA Deaths reserached by Pat Surface 1992 Tazewell Co. VA for Minerva Brown.
Line numbered 33
name in full JAMES MAXWELL white male
date of death: Jan 10 1866
place of death: Clinch
name of disease or cause of death: old age.
age in years: 80
name of parents: blank
name of person giving information on death: blank
Designation of informant, whether, Physician, Surgeon, Coroner, Head of the Family, Friend, & c.: blank
"I certify that the forgoing is the true list of the deaths returned for the year 1866. (can't read signature)"
there were 7 names on this form.Rebecca A. Koekhart, Sallie Smist, John M. Shinall, Albert Thompson, our James Maxwell, Joshua Beleher, and Thomas Banite. (first names are easy to make out, last names are much harder. did my best.) all were white. 2 female, rest male. died Dec. 2?, Sept 16, Sept 20, July 27, Jan. 10, July 20, July 16. places of death: Baptist Valley, Clinch River, Liberty Hill, Jeffersonville, Clinch.4 fever. 3 old age. ages 22, 4, 18, 12, 80, 76, 90. Three had parents listed. four had sources of information listed. all these sources were listed as "Father." George Sockhart, Isiah Smith, Rueben Shinall, Phillip Thompson.
did our James know any of these people? had he done business or had interactions with their families? possibly related to any of them? I don't know, but this is a facinating piece of history right here. Thank God someone had the foresight to care for these old records and eventually preserve them onto microfilm! with fires, floods, tornadoes, cleaning sprees, thefts, a pot of ink getting dumped in book while entering information, etc., this is a true blue miracle!

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