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Early American history records James Maxwell of Scoth-Irish heritage coming to America in the eighteenth Century.

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First settling in Agusta,Pennsylvania where he married Jane Roberts, thense moving to Bouteart (?) Virginia, then on to Tazwell County, Virginia. He was actually (not a clue what this word is) in the Revolutionary War. It was during this time his two daughters were killed by Indians. He was the first Sheriff of Tazwell, Virginia. First signer of a petition to form Tazewell Co. from surrounding counties.
I. James was the father of the following and Jane Maxwell were the parents of
1. William
2. Elizabeth married Henry Marrs
3. John
4. Mary
5. Margaret (Peggy) born 1776 Montgomery Co, Va died 19 Dec 1851 Tazwell Co, Va. married David Whitley 24 Jan 1797 Washington Co. Va.
6. Mattied killed by Indians Montgomery Co VA now Tazwell County.
7. Jeanie killed by Indians, Montgomery Co, Va. now Tazewell County
ok...I am confused....I'm not sure how to spell Tazwell/Tazewell....don't know if it's spelled differently for county/town, or if I am just reading it wrong....and I think the daughter is Jennie, not Jeanie....
8. Robert married Mary Maxwell
9. James Maxwell 1780-1866 married Mary Witten 25 April 1804 Tazwell Co VA.
10. Nancy Maxwell married Paul Whitley 10 June 1801 Tazewell Co VA.
11. Jane Maxwell married John Maxwell 8 Jan 1809
II. James Maxwell-Mary Witten. he died 1866 age 86, she died 1873 age 93.
1. Witten Maxwell born 1805 married Alice Creswell
2. Robert Maxwell born 1807 married Margaret Bates
3.Sallie Maxwell-Susan-married Montraville Steele 1856
4. James Maxwell
5. Margaret Maxwell
III. Witten Maxwell -Alice Creswell . he was born 1804 or 1805. she was born Tuesday 19 Nov 1805 married on 4 March 1827. They were the parents of:
#1. Susy C. Maxwell 12 May 1828
#2 James C Maxwell 17 Dec 1829
#3. Mary Jane Maxwell 26 Dec 1832
#4. Henry Maxwell 4 June 1835
#5. Frank Maxwell
IV. James C Maxwell-Minerva Creswell.
ok, these pages are obviously out of order...sigh. but have you noticed how many Maxwells married Maxwells? and how many are named James, Robert, and Margaret? how confusing!

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