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1850 Census Tazewell Co Va. Tazewell Co. Hist. Soc.

aunt Minerva collection
661. JAMES MAXWELL, age 68. Farm. VA.
Mary Maxwell age 64 VA
James Maxwell age 32 Farm, VA
Peggy Maxwell age 40 VA
Thomas Maxwell age 20 Farm VA
Charles Maxwell age 18 farm VA
Marietta age 16 VA
Sarah age 13 VA
James age 11 VA
Minerva age 7 VA
Charter age 5 VA
Betsy Brewster age 69 VA
1119 CAMPBELL MAXWELL age 44 farm VA
Jane 45 VA
David 27 farm VA
Mary 24 VA
Isaac 17 farm VA
James 17 farm VA
Susan Paris age 18 VA
Other families in the census....neighbors...possibly friends or relatives? people they went to church with or traded favors with. people they knew. John A. Goff. Geo. W. Deskins. Jas/Jos. Brown. Charles Taylor. Francis Peery. Mag. A. Miller Samuel Cecil. Thomas Davis. John Rader. Whitten Cecil. Jos/Jas Daly. Jas. Mitchell. Wm. Holly. Jas. M. Morton. Wm. Morton. Wm. Luster. Stephen Odle. Jacob Glanden. Stephen Glandon. Jas/Jos Gillenwater. Zack Bailey. Hugh G. Baly. Jeremia Brown. Betsy Webb. James Whitt. John Vandike. E. (female) Vandike. Isreal Vandike. Rebecca Low. Luther Low. Calvin Low. Washington Low. Bunyon John Low. Bunyon Whitt. Adam Beavers. Jacob Hinker. John Stephenson. David Christian. James Burk. Jacob Griffith. Mike Hickman. Lavina Wingo. Jno. Brown, Sr. Nancy Lambert. Atnansome Farmer. John Johnston. Hiram Compton. Jospeh Rhea. Thos. Peery, Esq. Chas. H. Greever. Thomas Witten (son of Samuel). Rufus K. Harrison. Wm. S. Watkins. Wm. Elswick, Jr. Stephen Spraker. Thomas Brown. Polly Harmon. Wm. Gilphin. Andrew Baldwin. Jos/Jas. Spence. Wm. Snider. Peter Alder. John Thomas. Polly Spence. Jos/Jas. Heneger. Thos. S. Bandy. Chaster Harman. Thos. Barret, Sr. Robert Barrett. Robert H. Barrett. Martin Dalton. Moses Hankins. James White. William White. William W. Dawson. Milburn Whitt. Arch Whitt. Tobitha Quicksal. Andrew McGuire. James Brewster. Bird Lockard. John M. Lockard. Wm. D. Hart. John A. Brown. Wm. Moore. Sarah Brown. John Allen Compton. James White. Hiram Stevenson. James M. Harper. Burl Ratliff. James M. Cecil. Bennit Creed. Wilson Patrick. Louis Rose. David Rose. David Snader. James McAdams. Ruth Remines. Elihu Hankins.
of course, I am fascinated by old census records. these had been transcribed and typed, so easy to read. but you know there could be typos. some people giving their information could've been illiterate. or hard to understand. census taker could've incorrectly recorded information. people could of course have lied. or just been plain skipped. so, I did some stats. (I like to think I could've been a historian.....humor me.) there were 17 babies under age of 1. 2 youngest children in this census were both 4 month old girls. 184 aged 1-10. 173 aged 11-20. 81 aged 21-30. 48 aged 31-40. 49 aged 41-50. 24 aged 51-60. 20 aged 61-70. 3 over age 71. the oldest was a 79 year old man. there appear to be old married couples, some with children living with them. some with none. there are different last names in some households that don't match head of household. step children? grandchildren? other relatives taken in? farm help? a ward of some kind? there were young couples. they listed their birth place as mainly Virginia, but there were a few other places....Maryland, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, England, New York, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ireland.
occupations listed: mainly farmers, but also Brkmsn, Wgnmkr, tailor, carpt., bksmth, Methodist Preacher. there was a 50 year old woman in one household listed as blind, and a ten year old girl in another household also listed as blind. one household had a 16 year old male listed as Idiotic.
on back in Aunt Minerva's handwriting: "Mary Ann Fields says Witten Maxwell was killed near (can't read) which is in Tazewell County.
"Montiville Steele & Susannah Maxwell married Jan. 23 1851." "I think most of what Mary Anne Fields remembered and wrote is correct on the Maxwells. She has William Marrs mixed up with Henry." "The marriage record of 25 apl 1804 says Wm. Maxwell-Mary Witten by David Wood is surely wrong." "Jan. 23 1806 William Maxwell married Elizabeth Maxwell by Henry Harmon."

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