Saturday, December 19, 2015

Abstracts of Tazewell County Will Book #1 from 1800 to 1832

aunt minerva collection.
JAMES MAZ XWELL page 137 Made 17 March 1819 Proven 27 March 1821. Will. Weak in body. Executors: sons, William & Robert. Wife: Jane. Daughter: Mary, and Mary's son, Maxwell Commell. To daughter, Mary, 150 acres in the Back Valley (Being part of a survey of 665 acres at the upper end joining lines with James Harrison) which at her decease goes to her son, Maxwell Campell. Four daughters: Elizabeth, Margret, Jane, and Nancy--equal shares of tract of land in the Rich Muntain containing 250 acres and an equal share of 515 acres of land in Back Valley (the residue of the 665 tract). Sons: John (has recieved his share), William (has recieved his share), James (has recieved his share), Robert (land I now live on and a small tract lying between the tract I live on and James Peery's.) Negro man, Dan to wife and after her death of Robert. Witnesses: John Laird, Thomas Witten, James S. Witten.

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