Monday, December 21, 2015

cousin Mona's family:

My Great grandma Durham (my dad's Moms mom). She lived to be over 100. I was just a little girl but do remember her vaguely.
Sharyn Mc Kee Byers Jerry got her eyes! Megan Lynn Bubb Cribb Ellie is named after her! Renee Carmichael-Puryear I remember her so clearly, even what she smelled like, and the cookies she had. smile emoticon Kristen Boyer Toso Wow Mona Haggard David Somers That would be your great, great grandma Kristen ar Renee Carmichael-Puryear Maggie Cole, her daughter, was on the Smuckers Jelly Jar!! Mona Haggard David Somers Really Renee? I had never heard that story.. Renee Carmichael-Puryear Yep, her kids made sure she got on! I believe she lived in Ravanna (sp?) and lived to either 102 or 103. I think my Dad will remember, he and Mom used to visit her quite often. Did you know that Grandma Durham, Elizabeth Owens, had 9 brothers and sisters? They all grew up in southern IA, quite the prominent catholic family. Her parents came from Cork County Ireland and I'm blank on where her Mom came from in Ireland. But Doc Durham, not a drop of Irish in him, only Grandma.

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