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Supplemental Application for Membership to the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution

aunt minerva collection
typewritten application
Washington D.C.
State: Texas
City: Fort Worth
name of chapter: Six Flags
Computer Code Number: 6-100-TX
National Number: 666 769 A705
Mrs. Cora Elizabeth Whitley Bertram. wife of Jack Lloyd Bertram. Residence 7150 Ta,aracl Road, Fort Worth, Texas 76116.
Descendant of James Maxwell.
The undersignted have investigated and approved the applicant and her application. (signed by Chapter Registar. I read it as Melba Horvell Randolph?) I'm not the best at reading handwriting anymore.... #696669 16 Sept. 1989. Application, duplicate, and Fees received by Treasurer General $25.00 Sept. 25 1989. Application and duplicate received by Registar General Sept. 27 1989. Applicaton verified and approved Nov. 18 1991. signed by Roberta S. (? not sure what the last name is?).
Page 2
Cora Elizabeth Whitley Bertram being duly sworn. I was born on 23 Feb. 1927 at Keller Texas, married on 12 July 1945 at Ft. Worth, Texas to Jack Lloyd Bertram born on 21 Sept. 1926 at Sulpher Springs, Texas. I am thje daughter by blood line of James Oliver Whitley born 29 aug. 1903 at Keller, Texas died at Ft. Worth Tx (hospital) on 25 Sept. 1979 and his first wife Gladyes Katheryn Maxwell born 5 May 1908 at Rio Vista, Tx. married 29 april 1926 Ft. Worth Tx.
The said James Oliver Whitley was the child by blood line of Charles Tiffany Whitley born 27 Feb 1859 at Tazewell Co. Virginia died at Keller, Tx. (Tarrant Co.) on 19 aug 1911 and his first wife Nancy (Nanny) Emeline Meacham born 30 Aug 1866 at Ripley, Tn. (Lauderdale Co.) died at Keller, Tx. on 25 March 1938. married 9 Oct. 1887 Keller Tx.
The said Charles Tiffany Whitley was the child by blood line of Rufus C. Whitley born 8 Feb 1827 at Tazewell Co, Va. died at Keller, Tx-Tarrant Co. on 1918 and his first wife Elizabeth H. Gregory born 19 June 18345 at Pittsylvania Co, Va. died at Keller, Tx- Tarrant Co. on 5 Oct. 1901, married 30 Aug. 1851- Tazewell Co, Va.
The said Rufus C. Whitley was the child by blood line of James Whitley born 1 June 1798 (handwritten above is "stone date 48y 2m & 22d) at Wythe Co, Virginia (now Tazewell) died at Tazewell, Va. (Taz. Co) on 23 aug. 1845 and his first wife Sarah Lain Moore born 22 Jan 1804 at Abbs Valley (Taz.Co.) Va. died at Albany, Gentry Co, Missouri on 16 A[ro; 1890 married ca 1822 Taz. Va.
The said James Whitley was the child by blood line of David Whitley born ca. 1772 at Botetourt Co, Virginia died at No. Tazewell, Va.-Taz. Co. by 30 Oct 1844 (will Pv'd) and his first wife Margaret Maxwell born ca 1776 (ag. 74- 1850 c) at Montgomery Co, Va. (now Taz.) died at No. Tazewell, Va. - Taz. Co. by Dec 19 1851 (Est. settle) married 24 Jan. 1797 Washington Co, Va.
The said Margaret (Peggy) Maxwell was the child by blood line of James Maxwell born ca 1745-50 at Ulster, Ireland died at Tazewell, Va. -Tazewell Co. by 27 Mar. 1821 (will prv.) and his first wife Jane Roberts who died at Tazewell Co., Virginia.
this took her back 7 generations. generations 8, 9, 10, 11 blank)
typewritten notes at bottom: AE (Abb. for Actalis Suae) means in the year of his/her age: therefor Ae70 indicates that a person was 69 years old and in his seventh year- from Pg. 167 of "VA. Vital Rec's of Va. Mag. of Hist. Bio. Wm. & Mary Qt. & Tylers Qt.". note: used initial "C." I have seen many legal doc. and they are always signed -"R.C." not sure that it ever stood for a name---C.W.B. (then her handwritten signature)
page 3
References for Lineage. Give below authorities for EACH statement of Birth, Marriage, Dath dates and place and connections between generations from the applicant through the generation of the Revolutionary ancestor. Published authorities should be cited by title, author, date of publication, volume and page. Send one certified, attested copy or photocopy of each piece of unpublished data. Proofs for line of descent comprise wills, administrations, deeds, church, town, and court records, Bible, cencus and pension records, tombstone inscriptions, genealogies and such other records. TRADITION is not acceptable. Give National Numbers and relationships of any close relatives credited with this ancestor.
1st Gen: 666769-MY N.D.A.R. #
2nd Gen> 666769- MY N.D.A.R. #
3rd Gen: Births: C.T. Whitley & Wm. H. Meacham Bibles. Marr. Lic. #2571-Tar.Co, Tx. Deaths: Death Cert. Tar. Co., Tx & Newspaper obits. Parantage: 1880 Tar. C. Tx. cens. P.30 L.42, 43, & 44.
4th Gen: Births: Copy of pg. James Whitley Bible & 1900 Tar. Co Tx. Cen. P. 21 L.4&5. Marr. Taz. Co. Va. Lic. B. (1851-1853) p. 5. Deaths: Photos of Headstones-Tar. Co Tx. Parantage: Chancer Court Suit-Tazewell C., Va. Order Bk. 1832 pgs. 253-254 & 266-267.
5th Gen: Births: Photo Headstones-Taz. C., Va. & Cen. Taz. Co, Va. 1830 & 1850. Taz. Co. Va. Cen. F. M432 R#979, P.228, L.13 (age). Marr: "Capatives of Abbs Valley" by Rev. James Moore Brown D.D., New Edition With Intro, Notes, Appx. Maps & Illsstr." by Robt. Bell Woodworth-pub.1942 McClure Co. Inc. Stanton, Va. (p.43). Deaths: Headstone (ment. above) & Albany (Gentry) Mo. newspaper Obits. Parantage: "Abbs Valley" pg. 80 & David Whitleys Will-W.B. #2 Pg.278-280, Taz.C.Va. Compare to pg. 253-Chancery Court Rec. of Gen. #4. (use 4th Item in the Will.)
6th Gen: Births: Tazwell Co, Va. Cesn. 1830 & 1850-M432-979, pg.153 (something tiny handwritten above that looks like "62227)", L.10 Marr: Washington Co, Va. Deaths: Will (used in Gen.#5) & Will B.#3 pg. 37&38 (Estate Settlement) Taz. Co. Va.
7th Gen: Birth: Taz. Co. Va. census 1820 (age est.) Death: Will Book #1 p. 137 (also names wife). Parantage for Gen. #6 (Margaret/Peggy Maxwell-Whitley) Compare James Maxwell Will & Deed Bk. #3 P.256 to 259 . Taz. Co. Va. OTHER IMPORTANT PROOF: Daughters and Spouses- Deed B.#5 pg/474&475 (as well as deed B.#3--Year he moved family to (Now) Tazewell Co., Va. & CHILDREN KILLED: Chancery Court Suit (N.S.45) Augusta Co, Va. & "Preston & Va. Papers-Drapers Cat. Manscripts Cal. Series T" pub. Wis. St. Hist. Soc. 1915 pg.142 (SEE ATTACAHED EXTRA PAGE) Give, if possible, the following data: My Revolutionary ancestor was married to Jane Roberts at Pennsylvania before 1772.
CHILDREN OF REVOLUTIONARY ANCESTOR (By each marriage, if married more than once.)
Elizabeth married Henry Marrs. Margaret/Peggy b. 1776 married David Whitley 24 Jan. 1797. Jane married John Maxwell 8 Jan 1807. James b. 1780 married Mary Whitten 1804. Nancy married Paul Whitley 10 June 1801. Mattie & Jennie were kiled by Indians in 1782 (Chancery Suit No. 45) there is some handwritten stuff that ran off the dge of paper when it was copied, looks like dath dates, perhaps..
page 5
The said James Maxwell who resided during the American Revolution at Montgomery & Washington Counties, Virginia (Now Tazewell Co, Va.) assisted in establishing American Independence, while acting in the capacity of Capt. (1778) Fincastle& Montgomery Co.Va. Militia 1775-1783-Liet. Washington Co., Va. Militia-Pvt. Va 5 Reg. Cont. Line FEb. 1776-Feb. 1778 PLE OF ALLIG.
My ancestors services during the Revolutionary War were as follows: 1. 1776-1778 under Capt. Gross Scruggs Co.-5th Va. Reg. -Col. Joshia Parker (copy from Nat. Archives.) 2. Oath of Allegiance - 1777 3. Sworn in as Lieutenant-4, April 1776 Fincastle. 4. Sworn in as Capt. 4, August 1778 Montgomery Co. Va. (List of Capt. James Maxwells Militia Company from Records of Fincastle & Montgomery Counties -1775-1783-for Revolutionary War---at the Virginia State Archives-Richmond, va.) 5. Kings Mountain.
COPY ATTACHED. Give references by volume and page to the documentary or other authorities for MILITARY RECORD: Where reference is made to unpublished or inaccessible records of service, the applicant must file the official copy. "Hist. Reg. of Virginians in Rev." by John H. Gwathmey Pub. 1983 Richmond, Va. "Annals of Southwest Viriginia" by Lewis P. Summers Part I, p. 695 Pub. 1929, Abington, Va. "Early Adventures on Western Waters" Vol. I by Mary B, Kegley pg. 149. "Montgomery Co, Va-The First 100 Years" by Judge C.W. Crush pgs. 17, 18, 46, 106, 121&121. "Battle of Kings Mountain Participants-October 7, 1780" by Hist. Soc. of Washington Co. Va.
Eligibility Clause. "Any woman is eligible for membership in the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution who is not less than eighteen years of age, and who is descended from a man or woman who, with unfailing loyalty to the cause of American Independence, served as a sailor, or as a soldier or civil officer in one of the several Colonies or States, or in the United Colonies or States, or as a recognized patriot, or rendered material aid thereto; provided the applicant is personally acceptable to the Society." (Constitution, Article III, Section 1.) Marriage in every instance means legal and lawful marriage. DAte of marriage may be substituted for dates of birth and death where such date proves the soldier to have been living during the Revolution and of a suitable age for service.
The following form of acknowledgement is required: Applicant further says that the said James Maxwell (name of ancestor from whom eligibility is derived) is the ancestor mentioned in the foregoing application, and that the statements hereinbefore set forth are true to the best of her knowledge and belief. The applicant also pledges allegiance to the United States of America and agrees to support its Constitution. This applies to applicants for membership within the United States of America and its territories. Signature of Applicant: (signed) Cora Elizabeth Whitley Bertram. Print or type name exactly as you wish it to appear on DAR Certificate. "Cora Whitley Bertram." Subscribed and sworn to before me at Arlington Texas this 8th day of September 1989. (signed) Kathy W Morrison Signature of Rotary. my commission expire 6-11-92
page 6
"Archives of the Pioneers of Tazewell County, Virginia" by Netti Schreiner-Yantis Page 274-exerpts from the Original Court Records-Chancery Ct. N.S.45-Augusta Co. (helps to clear up the hard to read original copy.) page 275-The discrepancies that have come up as to "who" the correct children of James Maxwell are. page 147-Taz. Co. Va. Land Tax Lists.- land description of James Maxwell is consistant with Will & Deeds before mentioned. page 166 Taz. Co. Va. Land Grants 1800-1825 also consistant.

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