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I have not heard from any boyd up there for so long that I suppose they have foregot where I live anymore...

postmarked Fort Leavenworth Kans. March 16 1942
letter from PFC John Maxwell to Minerva Maxwell, 1004 Rural St. Trenton MO
Jan 25 1942
Dear Sis
Well guess I still can write but can't think of anything to say as there is not much going on out here I went to KC yesterday and stayed all day There was a girl from Trenton rode down on teh bus last Sunday that teaches school in north K.C. She live in Trenton and taught high school there for several year
I am getting lazy working one day and off one don't know what to do when not working so think I will go up to the kitchen and play around as the corparal said come up and work what I wanted to next Saterday if pay day that will be a big day as every body will throw a party don't know yet whether I will go down to K.C. and clebrate the Sergant wedding or not as Saterday is my day to work and wont get off until late, when is dale going back to work again when he get back I will go down and see him some nite after work and say until the next day and take in the sights well looks like well have to quite visiting as have one more sheet of paper to write on.
So I will have to go up to the P.X. and get a tablet I got a letter from Leland and Eva this week They were wondering what wat the matter as I had not wrote to them since the first time I was up there the first time.
WEll I had better close for this time
You little Soldier Boy Brother
Mar 17 1942
Dear Sis
Well it is raining again and I am just sleeping. Well we had the party Friday nite but I didn't think much at it as I had to help clean up after it was over. it was over about one oclock but took until four to get it cleaned up so put in two day in one.
I have not heard from any body up there for so long that I suppose they have foregot where I live anymore. but what do I care as will not remember them in my eill.
I may try to come up next Sunday but don't know yet as it maybe stormy and can't make it and I was going to see Harry brother in law and see if he wanted to go up.
I have not been to s show since came back from Texas. So I must be loosing my grip or getting old I do not know which probly a little bit of both. What did you think of the Pillow SLip I sent you Saterday I thought it was pretty. I sent moim one with U.S. ARMY wrote on it it was gold color.
I have not felt very good the last three or four day my legs feel like they are going to give away all time I don't knwo just what it is but think I walked on them to much. friday and friday nite I just walked on them 24 hour up at the kitchen then I just heard there was a snow storm comming to nite in northwest Mo. it is snow a little here now, well I had better close and go to chow as it is four oclock and I do not miss my eats very much.
John Maxwell
Ft Leavenworth Kans.

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