Saturday, December 15, 2012

I have written the folks two letter since I came back but have failed to receive any answers....

from Cpl. Lawrence D.Brown to his girlfriend Miss Minerva Maxwell of Brimson, Missouri
postmarked Albuquerque N. MEX. JUL 24 7 PM 1945
Tuesday afternoon
July 23, 1945
Dear Minerva
I have written the folks two letter since I came back but have failed to receive any answers. I guess I will half to raise heck with Fern & get her on the beam I know she has lots of work to do but she doesn't work any longer hrs than I do & I can find time to write one letter a day. I wanted her to write & tell me how the folks acted when she told them we are going to be married. If I don't hear in a few day I will write them a letter & tell them.
You haven't said a word about it in any of the letters I have received now just what have you planned to do. We change shifts next week I will go on days so if you can come out the first or 2nd week in Aug. it owuld suit me fine I don't want you to put if off to long because there is a good chance I might not be here much longer.
We are back on 8 hr. shifts but we might go back to 12 hrs anytime.
Tomorrow is my day off so I can go in town & get my radio out of the repair shp & then go to the show. I also have some washing to do but will get up early in the morning & do that I turned in a pr. of khaki pants the 13th day of June for exchange & didn't get the back till last week & then I had to take a pr. that was too long & have them altered.
I guess it was OK this one time for Clarence & you to go to the show but I don't think it should happen to often. I don't want people running to me & telling me thinkgs that probably isn't half truth. Just so you didn't park along the way I won't be mad. Ha.Ha. Ha. Clarence just didn't want to go to the show before or he was to busy spending his time at the lake was the reason he hadent been to a show. If that Model T will run to Brimson there isn't anything to keep it from going to Trenton.
I have known for quite some time the Chev. needed a new set of rings & the valve ground. I think it will really be in good shape when you have that done. I would suggest that you have the radiator cleaned out with steam right before it is worked over & it will run much cooler.
It is almost time for me to get ready to go to work so will close.
All My Love

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