Sunday, December 16, 2012

still have a bad cold keeps me busy blowing my nose...

postmarked Jan 12 1942 Fort Leavenworth Kans.
from John Maxwell to Miss Minerva Maxwell 1004 Rural St. Trenton MO
Jan 11 1942
Dear Sis
Well Guess I still can write a little but can't think of anything to say as still have a bad cold keeps me busy blowing my nose I think they are going to change my working hours and I probly won't get to come home anymore. I will work 24 hours and be off that long so that is not going to giv e time to come home say very long and they are not going to give any three day passes any more but it is going to make my easier than it was and that what I am looking for about the only way to get home now is for me to write and tell you what time I will be up and come after me and bring me back they have given me the rest of my clothing now I got my first pay Saterday 16.03 that is more than I thought would get.
I went down to Leavenworth yesterday could not see anything in that town that was very good looking there but up at the post there is a lot of officers daughters and some are good looking I a lot of truble getting home last Sunday when got to Camron we had to wait two hours for the bus and did not get here until nine oclock I set by a girl that live in K.C. all of the way She wanted me to come down and see her every once in a whle but I don't think I will be able to make it as I don't think much of the women any way well thing will go to the show this afternoon as Charlie McCarthy and Burgess (can't read?) Magee and Moly play in a lot of laughs and look like it would be a good picture well thing I will write a letter to Ruth this morning while I am passing away the time.
Your Little Soldier Brother
John Maxwell

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