Tuesday, January 8, 2013

...I got a nice sunburn while out swimming...

postmarked June 23 1943 Charleston SC
letter from John Maxwell to Minerva Maxswell 3440 Tid Marshall MO
June 22 43
Dear Sis
I got your letter Sunday so will write a few lines I was out to the beach Sunday and stayed all day sure had a swell time the next time I go out am going to pick a lot of sea shell and send home They found a lot of pretty shell last Sunday. They were sure lot of people out there I got a nice sunburn while out swimming We probly wont get back in time to go out this Sunday as we are going to Fort Jackson on firing range. They say that this is (scratched out) last week of this walking around we are going to start school the first of July but they might change there mind again cant tell what they will do around her I think will go to the show to nite for a while we are going on ten mile hike tomorrow after noon which dont think will be very good because of the heat we will hve eight weeks after this so it will be some time in Aug before get out of here. I suppose will know in a week or two just what will do for sure.
They sent one bunch to Seattle Wash to day that have just finished their training I hope they send us around to a few parts in this country well I had better close as have two more letters to write.
Love John

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