Sunday, November 8, 2015

Histroic Crab Orchard Museum and Pioneer Park,Inc.

aunt minerva collection
I knkow she went her on her geneaology travels. Pretty sure it's in Tazewell Co, Virginia. this is a map with information about the buildings.
12. Log Cabin: This small log structure is all that remains of the original Major David Peery cabin which stood east of North Tazewell. Originally built in 1805, thet two-story "T" shaped house was the home of a son of one of the first settlers of this area. He significantly enlarged the original house, as did subsequent generations of occupants. Before the house was acquired by the Museum, it bore little resemblance to the early pioneer cabin of 1805. It had been completely covered on the exterior with the weatherboarding and on the interior with lathing and plaster. When acquired by the Museum, the entire structure had suffered heavily from a fire. The logs for the downstairs were purchased for the Museum and re-assembled on this site. Unfortunatley, the second story was burned beyond repair. Much of the rest of the house had been purchased by private concerns. The doors and windows were damaged and could be used in any restoration. Many of the chimney stones are, however, original.
Aunt Minerva has written beneath this: "Jermiah Witten was the father of Mary Witten Maxwell, who's husband was James Maxwell."

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