Sunday, November 8, 2015

info tabulated on a mimeographed gasoline aunt minerva!

this is of course from her collection....looks to be a list of birthdays/deathdays.
Hermon M Utterback Jan 5 1902
Vernon E Utterback June 13 1903
Infant Daughter Utterback Feb 3 1905-Feb 15 1905
Ellen Marie Utterback Aug 27 1907
Collen May Utterback April 5 1910
Lois MarJorie Utterback July 3 1912
Roberta Florence Utterback July 29 1914
Lorene Freeda Utterback Feb 12 1917
in 15 years, this family had 8 kids. they lost one early. I find it sad they didn't name her, if she lived for 12 days. I'm sure there was a reason for this. Maybe there was something wrong with her and they just didn't name her. maybe there was a family tradition that you named them when they reached a certain age. I wish I knew. it just seems sad to go thru eternity with the name Infant Dau.

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